Things that have been going on…

The UK tour started over the weekend with our first show at a lovely little festival in Sweden! Audiences we great and even if one of the shows didn’t have bubbles due to a technical difficulty we still did well. Jonathan Ross has paid tribute to me…               and… Read more »

Tape Face Rage

A little less than impressed with the green room…What a Diva! [tube][/tube]

Another lot of greetings

Hello to you all and a very special hello to the recent people who have joined up with “The Silent Ones” As you can imagine with the Edinburgh Festival shows in full swing, a very special sneak preview of Tape Face 2 -More Tape and having the chance to do some more work with the… Read more »

A world of thyngs

Edinburgh festival is well underway and we have been lucky enough to pick up a couple of nice reviews and had amazing audiences. The Boy has been spending quite a bit of time down at the BBC bubble and has managed to pop on the red button a couple of times and then was lucky… Read more »

I am NOT

        Hello, Now here is a little thing that I am still working out but there is a very nice seed of an idea that could become something even bigger but it will all depend on how many of you get behind this. During my time in New Zealand a few lovely… Read more »

Lights Out

I was digging through some photos from this years tour and I came across this little stunner and it all came flooding back…                     We were halfway through the Adelaide fringe festival, word of mouth was all about for the new show “More Tape” and we… Read more »